Willow Warbler

Willow Warbler

Apart from really minor variations in plumage, leg-colour and wing-shape, this particular bird so carefully resembles the Chiffchaff that the silent example of beauty can often trigger indecision even amongst expert experts. But when the bird performs all question vanishes, with regard to the willow warbler has a really definite agreement of enjoyable notes that constitute a genuine song. This normally occurs about a week after the Chiffchaff, to ensure that any leaf-warbler observed in March is much more likely to be the second option.

Haunts :

May inhabit forest alongside Chiffchaff, however tall trees and shrubs not essential; open wash or hairy commons with regions of coarse lawn, or hedgerows along with rough basal plant life.

Appearance :

Such as Chiffchaff, but somewhat longer, eco-friendly above and much more yellow beneath; becomes better in winter season plumage-birds of the 12 months, frequent within July, seem almost canary yellow-colored beneath.

Voice :

A very normal pattern around a dozen information, beginning with weak, deliberate whisdes, getting faster as well as louder, after that fading away within lower-pitched notes. Phone much like Chiffchaff’s.

Food :

Very much for Chiffchaff, but fruits regularly consumed in summer time.

Nesting :

Nest domed such as Chiffchaff’s, but since upon ground within grass or even herbage, an igloo as opposed to a ball; well-lined along with feathers. Regarding 6 eggs, generally less seriously marked compared to those of Chiffchaff.